• Jakki Gilchrist, AAC

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    My name is Jakki Gilchrist and I am a Master level clinician dedicated to promoting positive mental health while seeking to bring knowledge and understanding to communities to eliminate the stigmas that plague our society. With over 15 years of experience working with individuals who have everyday life struggles in various areas, I have committed myself and time to identify the necessary tools, skills and strategies that will bring about positive life changes. I understand that each person is unique and what works for one may not work for the other. Therefore, creating a uniquely designed plan for success is top priority for me.  I am often told by clients that I have a way of making them feel extremely comfortable and at peace.

    My master’s degree in clinical psychology was obtained from a joint program with Fisk University and Meharry Medical College. As a certified alcohol and substance abuse counselor, I specialize in co-occurring disorders. My wide array of experience with all levels of acuity is a great pair for those experiencing depression, anxiety, grief and loss, domestic violence, autism, and substance use as well as those looking for self-development and basic coping mechanisms. For those individuals who are dealing with trauma, I have been trained in Trauma Focused-CBT.  For over 4 years, I have successfully worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist for children with autism ages 3-10. And, if you are in search of adding a touch of spiritual counseling, when asked, I have the ability to provide such. I am open to working with all ages.  

    Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I am the founder of JGilchrist Consulting LLC., which is a business that is the umbrella for providing a range of mental health and substance abuse services. These services include managing referrals for mental health agencies, providing confidential services for private one on one life counseling using evidence-based practices for individuals in executive level and leadership positions.

    My hobbies include traveling, serving the community and attempting to train my fur baby, Spunky. 

    My thought is, “until you face your mental, emotional and spiritual struggles, you will remain stagnant and your purpose will be abandoned by YOU, so you must address the inner you today.”